December 12, 2020


The following items should be included in the Project Report:

  • The project report must contain the following:
    • Introduction Objectives
    • Tools/Environment Used
    • Analysis Document (This should include SRS in proper structure based on Software Engineering concepts, E-R diagrams/Class diagrams/any related diagrams (if the former are not applicable), Data flow diagrams/other similar diagrams (if the former is not applicable), Data dictionary)
    • Design Document (Modularization details, Data integrity & constraints including database design, Procedural design, User interface design)
    • Program code (Complete code (well indented)/Detailed specification instead of code*, Comments & Description. The program code should always be developed in such a way that it includes complete error handling, passing of parameters as required, placement of procedure/function statements as needed.)
    • Testing (Test case designs are to be included separately for Unit testing, Integration testing, System testing;
    • Reports of the outcome of Unit testing, Integration testing, System testing are to be included separately. Also, details of debugging and code improvement are to be included.)
    • Input and Output Screens
    • Implementation of Security for the Software developed (In case, you have set up a User Name and Password for your software, you should ensure the security of User Name and Password during transmission to server)
    • Limitations of the Project
    • Future Application of the Project
    • Bibliography

*Students who have done their project for any organization are permitted to attach detailed algorithm/specification instead of code, in case, the organization doesn‟t permit them to attach the code. Student needs to attach letter in the project report from the Project Manager of the project in the organization that they are not permitting student to attach the code. In the absence of such letter, the student needs to attach the code compulsorily.

The project report should be hard bound; should consist of a Contents page; all pages of report should be numbered; content should be well organized in a meaningful manner; printouts of text & screen layouts should be original and should not be xeroxed)

>> Original copy of the Approved Project Proposal Proforma, Synopsis and Guide‟s Bio-data.

>> Certificate of Originality (Format given on page no. 13).

>> The Project Report may be about 50 to 80 double spaced A-4 size typed pages (excluding program code). However,10% variation on either side is permissible.

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