Event Management


Front End Technology – Java
Database Technology – SQL Server


  • The EventCatalyst.com will manage the information of various applicants applied for the events.
  •  Computerization of the official works will help in doing lot of manual work quickly. It will help in easy storage and access of all information, in short period of time. 
  • To organize a successful combined cultural wedding between two traditions nearly opposite to each other in less than 10 months.
  • Online Event Management, contributes towards bridging the gap between Company and user. It has advantages for both users and company. 
  • Company can get the details of all the applicants on just one click and can check the status of applicant in few seconds. 
  • user can apply for Event Management just by registering himself which saves his large amount of time.
  • To make use of all our techniques, tools and most of all expensive to make sure everybody goes back home with huge smile on their faces.


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